Glamping - Lushna - Make love to your life.

Cash in now on the fast growing glamping tourism market. Offer a special destination for all those romantics, city escapists, inspiration seekers, easy riders and nature lovers who cannot find what they are looking for. Add value and appeal to your location with a unique eco village concept and distinctive design. Start your business quickly and benefit from a promising green investment.
Glamping Lushna: Take the best from both worlds, hotels and camping. Have a glamorous evening under the stars.

Glamping: True glamour is nature.

With Glamping Lushna you'll get your private outdoor space with the 5 star comfort. Take part in a sustainable and ecological tourism.


Make love to your life.

Take the best from both worlds: hotels and camping. Have a glamorous evening under the stars.


Take it easy. Recharge.

Let your breakfast be served on the sunny side of life. Close your eyes, listen to the orchestra of trees.


Beauty sleep with the view.

Offer your dreams direct access to the outdoors. Wake up inspired by the coziness of the indoors.



Escape the concrete jungle. Have some space and a breath of fresh air. Think about nothing at all.


Here comes inspiration.

Discover new destinations, local sights, people, cuisine. Feel free to follow your heart. Live out your passions.


All-season proofed.

Lushna Villas are 100% ecological, made of solid larch wood. Its innovative design provides protection against moisture, insects and cold.

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